About Church Street DJs

Church Street DJs, LLC. (CSDJ) is a news & media company with a focus on amplifying the messages of the Burlington, Vermont, USA community of aspiring and professional disc jockeys. Our mission is to bring the DJ community together, and while doing so, express the DJ craft to those who aren't as familiar as they'd like to be. 

Throughout the year are memorable events that our community of DJs work tirelessly to present with thought out promotion and quality entertainment. DJs that we promote express profound efforts to provide an experience that is unique to their own craft and interest in what the 'DJ' meaning exemplifies to them. More than ever, new technology has provided avenues for DJ groups and individuals to explore new limits. There is no doubt that today's entertainment 'rock star' is the DJ. CSDJ is here to remind the DJ of their incredible influence on the rest of us, and to bring awareness to those outside groups who are missing out from enjoying quality & local DJ entertainment. One of the most important messages for any outsider that may have considered to attend a DJ production, is that our community of DJs bring a large breadth of mixing styles and musical genres. Explore your options on the official DJ events page that is only hosted on our website. 

Our inspiration is stemmed from the legacy of the life that Andy "A_Dog" Williams lived. DJ A_Dog lived his life to the absolute fullest, and encouraged everyone around him to do the same. The love he shared with others is extremely contagious, thus inspiring us to establish CSDJ. Within the Burlington, Vermont community, we promote DJs who book their own events, and others who want their chance to perform. Our project, the 'Record Of The Day' is designed to provide a daily opportunity for DJs, also known as 'selectors' to select any record of their choice, and express their knowledge of the music they love. 


Linking Vermont with the sounds and entertainment of the DJ community through creative media and promotion.



Fill a market void by creating a consistent awareness, for fans and patrons, who enjoy the styles and values of the DJ community and their venues. Our business model incorporates a value proposition for DJs, venues, sponsors and advertisers.