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The Burlington nonprofit King Street Center works with kids 18-months through high school. Thursday night the center hosted their 2nd annual "High Five" awards. “This really feels like a family reunion for us at King Street Center,” executive director Vicky Smith said.

The center recognized community partner -- Friends for A_Dog -- at the award ceremony. “They have provided such incredible opportunity and eye-opening experiences for kids that King Street simply would not be able to provide,” Smith said.

After Burlington artist Andy 'A_Dog' Williams died from leukemia, his friends formed a nonprofit to give back to his community. "Andy and I actually lived down the street, on Pine and King, for seven years, like, this was our neighborhood,” said Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe, co-founder of Friends For A_Dog.

The foundation partnered with the King Street Center two years ago to bring things like skateboard classes and street art to the kids at the center. "We bring our programming to them, and it's a beautiful partnership,” Furchgott Sourdiffe said. "All the things that Andy loved -- to keep his legacy living on."

Resource: Renee Wunderlich, MyNBC5