RE:FIX (A Tribute to DJ A_Dog) by Fattie B and members of Burlington's Music Community

My name is Kyle Thompson (aka DJ Fattie B.).

When we lost DJ Andy Williams on December 26th, 2013, it was a blow to our entire community. For us who knew him and loved him, we will miss him forever - but consider ourselves lucky to have been touched by his love for life and music. He left us so many gifts that we will listen to and enjoy forever. One of Andy's great joys was creating mashups. Him and I spent hours chatting about which vocals would sound dopest on which beats.

As a tribute to him (and his love of remixes and mashes), I have reached out to some of the state's best DJs and producers and asked them to submit their own mashups as a tribute to Andy
{and as a Christmas gift to all of you}.
This page [titled RE:FIX] contains all of these. All are free downloads and all tracks have producer, vocal and instrumental info included. Please share the link to this page with all who love music - and Andy.

Sending you Christmas cheer in heaven Wizzle! I miss you and your goofy giggle.