General Questions

1. What is CSDJ, and what does it stand for?

CSDJ, which stands for Church Street DJs, is a community that serves to educate, promote, and help raise the overall value of the disc jockey craft.


2. How to contact CSDJ support?

If you’re having trouble with something and need to contact us for support, send us as an email at info@ChurchStreetDJs.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


3. How to submit an event on CSDJ?

To submit a DJ event, visit www.ChurchStreetDJs.com/submit-your-event, and fill out the template. After review, your event will begin the promotion process.


5. How do I get my hands on some CSDJ merchandise?

Click the button below or in the header navigation, click on ‘store’.

As the CSDJ brand grows, investing in larger arrays of merchandise is something that really excites us. In order to better understand your interests in CSDJ, please complete our survey to provide feedback in regards to introducing new merchandise.


6. Something on this website didn't work right: give feedback.

We value your feedback. At the bottom of every page on the website, www.ChurchStreetDJs.com, you’ll find a button that says “click here to give us your feedback!”

DJ Promotions

1. How could CSDJ help an individual(s) promote their DJ brand?

It is CSDJ’s mission to raise the awareness of local DJs. With that mission in mind, it’s our first priority to create unique and progressive methods and adopt new marketing channels to promote individual DJs. The mother platform, our website, is gaining additional content everyday, such as a new ‘top record’ everyday, additional events logged in our calendar, maintained DJ profiles, and plenty of information about the music venues downtown.


2. Can I submit my music and DJ events to CSDJ?

Yes. CSDJ is all about promoting quality music (originals, remixes, and mashups), and where the DJ/Producer is spinning for public attendance.


3. Does CSDJ promote specific genres?

All types of (DJ-produced) music is acceptable to promote on CSDJ. The only concern would be centered around explicit language, unethical messages, or other controversial topics that could raise negative feedback.


4. Does CSDJ accept remixes and mashups to promote?

Yes. As long as the track(s) are hosted by a third party site (must abide by their terms and conditions), and are able to embed on any given digital platform (such as CSDJ’s website, Facebook, etc.)


5. Can I promote through CSDJ as a minor?

As a minor, you’d need a legal guardian to sign a release form that gives CSDJ the proper consent to promote your DJ brand. Email info@ChurchStreetDJs.com to request the release form.


6. How is CSDJ different from other organizations that promote local DJs?

CSDJ is unique and the only platform of it's kind in the greater Burlington Vermont area. CSDJ values include the entire DJ community from aspiring DJs to established DJs, and then extend the DJ's message to the general public - to increase awareness and ultimately business for the community of local DJs. 

Services and Organization/Business Affiliations

1. Who manages the 'Records Of The Day' and what purpose does it serve?

The ‘Record Of The Day’ is hand picked by individual musical influencers within our market. It is designed to provide a daily opportunity for DJs, also known as 'selectors' to select any record of their choice, and to express their knowledge of the music they love. If you would like to become a 'selector' - please inquire by emailing us at info@ChurchStreetDJs.


2. How can one affiliate their organization/business with CSDJ

CSDJ is affiliated with organizations and businesses in the greater Burlington, Vermont area. These affiliations are created to network and collaborate with groups made up of passionate people. To connect, email us at info@ChurchStreetDJs.com.


3. How to upgrade a venue’s profile?

Each music venue is started out with the standard profile, which is free of charge. If your venue is not currently listed, you must email us to inquire about that. The information displayed on the standard profile is limited to basic information. Venues have the opportunity to upgrade their profile at any time. As CSDJ advances website capabilities, the profile upgrades are expected to get more and more exciting. Currently, there are two upgrades being offered: the basic profile and the premium profile. The difference between the basic and the premium, is that the premium is designed to withstand the basic needs of any website. Whereas the basic includes more information than the standard, and two additional web pages that allow for a much cleaner display. If you’re interested in creating or upgrading your venue’s profile, or simply learning more about it, contact info@ChurchStreetDJs.com.


4. What other services does CSDJ offer?

The main services that CSDJ offers include: Digital Marketing Strategy; Street Team Hustle; Graphic Design and Print; Photography; Video Production; Simple Web Development; and DJ Booking Management Services. 

Random Things to be Curious About

1. What does CSDJ do with personally collected data from the website and other sources?

All data that is collected, personal or not, it will be used as it is originally agreed upon with the group or individual(s). Email subscribers can trust that their emails will not be traded for any value, and will be used as originally intended, which is to deliver the content that was specifically requested by the subscriber. If the subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, that is something CSDJ will honor.


3. Special note for children: People under the age of 18 should be sure to ask for legal gardian permission before sending any personal information over the internet.